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3 Easy ways to double your energy today!


With worldwide Diet Industry set to reach €278.95 billion by 2023 ( and 95% of all diets failing (, it’s seems the message is slow to get out. 

Lifestyle diseases and mental health related illnesses are at an all time high, with no drop or solution in sight.

The work Cassidy Health and Wellness strives towards isn’t about restrictive diets, assigned meal plans or counting calories/macros.

This isn’t about intense workout schedules, 5-minute abs or a booty workout.

This isn’t about deprivation, self-shaming or punishment.

At Cassidy Health and Wellness, we know that no one understands your body or life experiences as much as you do. We believe that weight loss and being healthy is a lot more complex than simply calories in and calories out. That is why it is our mission is to help our clients build a trusting and loving friendship with their own body. By connecting mind and body, our clients will have an increased understanding their own health and in turn, become their own health experts.

By working with the body’s innate wisdom week-on-week, you’ll realise that:

  • your mental wellness plays a big part in your physical wellness
  • de-stressing is as important as a healthy diet
  • the relationships in your life will get better
  • you'll have more energy and be more productive with your time
  • looking after yourself isn't selfish, but vital

We believe your health goals are more than just losing weight, fitting into a pair of small jeans or temporarily looking good in a dress. We have found our clients want adventure, greater independence and long-term vitality to live the life they want to, on their terms. 

And it all starts with your body.

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Brittney G.

Siobhan is super positive and upbeat. She gave me to chance to look at my life from a different perspective and really focus on the areas that I want to improve. Siobhan provided lots of positive reinforcement and has inspired me to transform my life after being able to identify the changes that I wanted to make. One point that has really impacted my life Is having learned to say to myself “I am enough” such a small yet effective sentence has given me a new perspective on myself and my self-worth.  I have also been able to keep focused on my goals that were set as they are achievable. I highly recommend Siobhan as a health coach.

Megan T.

It's a real blessing to have a health and wellness coach! Siobhan and I started on 2 goals: health and career. It evolved from working on issues in my marriage and my career ambitions through to what I'm really passionate about in life. Siobhan's personality is articulate, she celebrates every win and diligently keeps learning about her client's challenges and dreams. That's what makes her a great life coach for anyone. Even though our cultural backgrounds are quite different (I grew up in Malaysia) , she could help me navigate through my social pressures and people pleasing habits. If there's anyone you want invest and share your life with, I would strongly recommend Cassidy Health & Wellness.

Natasha T.

Siobhan is super driven and passionate and her energy is infectious. From the first thought provoking session, I knew there was more that I wanted from life.  We can all get caught up in the day to day but Siobhan helped me to unravel what I was really passionate about and why.

Our number one priority is our clients.

All our work is non-judgemental and trauma-sensitive. 

Working with me is like having a dedicated champion always in your corner. In our conversations, I hold space for you to dream as big as possible. I will support your vision for the future, but I'll also invite you to stretch into areas where I feel you are letting yourself down.

I believe that everyone has the fundamental right to love their bodies and live out their full potential. 

3 Easy ways to double your energy today!

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