Coaching and Yoga

Embodiment Session

As humans, we are emotional beings. What we may not realise is that we occasionally store emotions in our bodies that may not have had the opportunity to be expressed. Storing these emotions take up energy, so when we are constantly on the go and don't give ourselves any down time, we may notice our bodies lack in vital energy. When we're lacking in energy, it's harder to bring ourselves to do regular workouts and we may look to sugary/high fat foods for that energy or good feelings we are craving.

At the core of this session is the goal for you to slow down in order to connect with your body and release stored stress and emotions.

What it is

  • A tailored mix between health coaching and yoga
  • May also include visualisation, meditative and breathing techniques
  • A non-judgemental space for you to be you
  • A pause from every day reality
  • A focus on listening to your body
  • Permission to slow down and focus on what's important
  • A space for you to learn self-regulating techniques

What it isn't

  • A full 1:1 yoga lesson
  • A space for you to be critical of yourself or your body
  • Any type of massage
  • A substitute for counselling or psychotherapy

What does it include?

After a brief talk of your intention for your session, together we agree on the best use of our time. Splitting the time between coaching and yoga, the focus is on providing you with what will help you most in that moment. You won't be asked to do anything you don't feel comfortable doing - all my clients have complete autonomy at all times. 

How to find out more?

I'm currently only accepting clients for these sessions face-to-face in the Village Hotel on Wednesdays. 

Please note: Village Hotel Bettystown overnight guests receive a €20 discount, so hotel guests should email Siobhan directly ( to avail of this discount.